Local Moving Services

Twins Moving & Storage Inc. takes great satisfaction in knowing that we've helped make your relocation process go as smoothly as possible.
While moving homes, lofts, apartments and providing moving supplies, we are here for you by being open every day, regardless of the weather, we’re open! When you need a reliable local mover call the reliable local professionals.
We pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide as well as offering you state of the art moving equipment to accommodate your moving needs.
Local moves are conducted by the hour. This is to ensure that the required labor of our dispatched crew members will perform as needed. Local moves consist of a radius of 100 miles or less, with travel time always included with your estimate.
Local moves also consist of our crew members arriving and assessing your inventory. Then, we will commence to load boxes and smaller items to ensure they are packed onto our state of the art moving truck. Once this process has been completed, our skills movers will disassemble any basic furniture that needs to be taken apart and then we will wrap your items using padded relocation blankets, shrink wrap and other necessary wrapping materials.

Once all furniture has been disassembled and wrapped, we will load these items onto the moving truck and pack everything as required by the Department of Transportation and or its procedures.
Once we arrive at the final location, our movers will again conduct a walk-through with you to know where specific items shall be placed. We will unload all items including furniture and place as designated. Of course our movers will un-wrap your belongings and reassemble your items to its manufactured specifications in the rooms that you wish.
After all items have been unloaded, un-wrapped and reassembled in your home, then your move is complete.

As per policy, we always provide you with a written estimate regarding your relocation. Most estimates consist of the following:

    1. Pick-up Location & Destination
    2. Hourly Rate
    3. Number of Hours to Completion
    4. Travel / Distance Time
    5. Crew Member Size
    6. Truck Size
    7. Full Packing Services (OPTIONAL)
    8. Fuel, Mileage, Taxes, Carriers Liability Insurance ($0.60 per lbs per item)
    9. Minimum Total Charge of Estimate.

Estimated Local Labor Hours
Please refer to the list below to determine how many hours it will take (estimated) to complete your local move:

Type of Residence Assigned Crew Members Number of Hours/Complete
Bachelor/Studio Apartment
Not Required
One Bedroom Apartment
3 hours labor + travel time
Two Bedroom Apartment
4 hours labor + travel time
Two Bedroom House
5 hours labor + travel time
Three Bedroom Apartment
6 hours labor + travel time
Three Bedroom House
6 hours labor + travel time
Four Bedroom /Five Bedroom
8 hours labor + travel time

Twins Moving & Storage, Inc has configured this estimation based off previous experience while onsite and conducting local relocations in your area.

However, actual hours to complete your type of residence will be determined upon completion of your assignment.

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